Nicole James

A more complex request with a built in booking system that allows their clients to book their hair or beauty appointment anytime, anywhere.

Tarporley Website Designers - RBL

Nicole James briefed us on their target market and usual customers and we concluded the design had to be very particular but also conform to their newly decorated salon to streamline the experience of going from the website to the chair.

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Nicole James

We were very focused on the mobile design and responsiveness on this website given the target audience. We expected most visitors will be using mobile interested in booking an appointment with ease, so we provided a crisp and quick method to book an appointment.

The salon had also just been re-branded with new colours and a new logo, so we wanted to conform to these and make their clients feel as if the website and the salon were one.

The booking system also required an admin side to allow their staff individual access with their own logins so they can manage this at any time through their own phones. Each member of staff also required their own services that clients could book, during certain times (as not all the staff had the same working hours).

We're also very proud to have received a screenshot sent in from Nicole James showing a client had found the salon as they appeared at the top of a google search!

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