A local building company who just wanted a simple online presence to engage with a wider audience

Tarporley Website Designers - RBL

Responsive websites are important. When someone quickly looks up 'Builder' on their phone because they need something fixing; they don't want a slow loading website not optimised for phones.

Tarporley Website - Astracell


Astracell asked for a simple single page that showcased the various services they provide with their main hopes from the website being that wanted to try and gain some new customers.

We quickly designed and turned around this elegant simple site that immediately tells the visitor what industry Astracell are in. 

They also wanted to highlight they are local and can complete a range of tasks with their contact details clearly displayed to make potential enquiries as simple as possible.

We also provided Astracell with a professional business email to better receive enquiries and helped them set it up on their phones.

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