Tarporley RBL

When the local branch of the Royal British Legion approached us, they wanted simple and hassle free but modern and engaging website

Tarporley Website Designers - RBL

This is the home screen we designed for the RBL on mobile devices.
Offering an immediate modern look that can engage with all their audiences but still be responsive with a fast loading time for optimal SEO.

Tarporley RBL

The end website resulted in a main page and 2 side pages with articles built into a 3rd page of the website. A completely static yet functional and engaging website.

We still work with the RBL updating their website when they do events to put new articles up and keep all information up to date and relevant. This also helps keep their SEO maintained and relevant.

With their 2020 Remembrance Parade they hosted a live stream on YouTube which was embedded on their 'Live' website page including a link to download their order of service which saw 100's of people join them for their service.

They also produced QR Code stickers which led to a dedicated donation page we had set up that loaded rapidly to allow contactless and quick donations online.

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